Avoid the risk of catching serious infection at your home and workplaces

Avoid the risk of catching serious infection at your home and workplaces

Now with times things are going better and normal all over the world. At this situation when corona virus is still with us, all we have to do is strictly follow the precautionary measures. At this time offices are the main place of infection and from workplaces if you catch any infections then it can also infect various people even at your home.

During the coronavirus crisis, the risk of catching a serious infection from a fellow colleague is far greater. We all need to take much stricter precautions to prevent picking up or passing on COVID-19 infections via our hands, infected surfaces or through in the air droplets and aerosols.

Here is a list of precautions you should take to stop the spread of infections in a shared environment such as an office and even in your home.

Hand hygiene

Hands are a very common cause of catching and spreading infections. Hand hygiene is the most important during the COVID-19 pandemic. We often touch our mouth, nose and face and pick up mucus and saliva containing infectious microorganisms, from our mouth, nose, lungs, and throat. Our hands can then infect common surfaces, so the best solution is frequently wash and sanitize your hands and avoid direct contact.

Coughing and sneezing

Respiratory bacteria and viruses are also spread in mucus and saliva by coughs and sneezes releasing infected droplets far into the air. Even breathing emit droplets into the air that fall onto nearby surfaces and all create aerosols that can carry germs and remain airborne for hours. The best solution is covering your mouth while coughing and sneezing to avoid any kind of infection and use masks for better safety.

Surface sanitation

Surfaces can be thought of as the focal point for cross-infection. Th contaminated particles to surfaces can spread. Regularly clean the common touchpoints. Frequently use hand sanitizers and wash your hands.


Though things are getting better but still to defeat this deadly virus take care of yourself and your loved ones through proper precautions. Stay safe and healthy.

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